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We like to joke that there are about eight different tribes of Thai girls in the land of smiles. If you spend enough time here you can actually get good at guessing what city or region a girl is from、 just by her facial features. 24-year-old Sheree is a much different breed. She isn't from Buri Ram or Rayong. She is from the jungle baby、 and she's gonna make you hiiiiiigh! That's right、 there are still some parts of south Thailand that are home to rare tribal or aborigine people. Sheree is who you want to be your wife! She isn't skilled in draining your wallet or giving you lip. She was purely designed to weave you a hammock、 suck snake poison from your calf、 and to fuck your brains out as part of the nightly ritual. No English、 no problem. She bounced her big brown ass on my cock and I shot my thick load into her native pussy.