Skinny Asian House Cleaner Bangs Boss For MoneyHey動画

This week’s episode features pretty 19-year-old Karen、 a desperate house cleaner from Cebu City. Karen heard from her friends that a rich foreigner man was hiring cute、 submissive girls to serve as maids at his apartment and she was eager to impress. When Karen walked in my door、 I certainly was impressed…by her cute smile、 her tight little tummy、 and her sexy little bubble-butt. *****Karen had been searching for a job for weeks to no avail. When I told her that she’d need to dress in a sexy maid uniform while doing her chores、 she was shocked and seemed a little indignant. When I told her she’d also need to give me free access to her tight little whore holes whenever I wanted、 she once again feigned surprise. However、 she quickly remembered that this was a man’s world and to succeed she would need to impress the boss (which、 of course、 means impressing his cock)、 so the little slut quickly undressed and gave me full access to her sexy body. *****Karen walked around the room dusting the house while I hovered over her、 fondling her round little ass and tiny teen tits. I could tell she was a little scared、 but in Asia women know to never argue with a man and just let him do what he wants. And although she pretended to be chaste and not interested in sex、 once I whipped out my massive meat and put it in her face、 her eyes instantly lit up and I could see the cock-hungry slut inside her come alive.*****She gave me a decent blowjob but had trouble taking my dick all the way down her throat. Many Asian girls have this problem as they simply aren’t used to servicing cocks my size. But I didn’t let that dampen my enthusiasm and I proceeded to pound Karen’s smooth、 silky twat in numerous positions. Finally、 I felt my balls start to tingle and I knew I needed to unload my sperm somewhere、 and although I usually like to impregnate my maids、 I decided I’d rather put a nice thick coat of jizz all over this whore’s pretty little face. *****As she looked up at me with her pretty brown eyes、 face shining with a fresh coat of semen、 she smiled happily as I told her she was hired. Congratulations sweetie! It’s been a hard 3 weeks、 but now you’ve finally landed your dream job – as a foreign man’s cum receptacle! I’m so proud of you! *****(And to all you other aspiring teen maids out there who are reading this、 just remember – don’t give up on your dreams! You can be a foreign man’s cum receptacle too! Just work hard and always do what the man says and you’ll be fine!)