Desperate For Work, She Agrees To Bang The Boss!Hey動画

I started putting ads online for maid services needed in the Philippines and Rose was my first applicant. She was kind of on the older side (I prefer teenage maids – better to ingrain proper habits)、 but she still had an inherent sexiness to her. However、 she was definitely nervous and shy. She honestly thought that this job was cooking and cleaning only. When I told her about her other duties、 she was shocked and I thought she would walk out the door. But Rose quickly came to her senses and realized this was her only shot to land a high-paying job with a western man、 so she did what all these girls do – started serving my cock.*****I plowed my cock into Rose’s aging pussy (26 years old? Way too old for a virile monger like me!) and fucked her in many positions、 finally unleashing my load deep into the realms of her fertile belly. She was a little upset and worried about getting pregnant、 but come on Rose、 you’re 26! It’s way past time for you to be popping out babies. You don’t have many good breeding years left、 so you should be thankful I decided to inject your old、 aging pussy with my valuable sperm.